čtvrtek 3. března 2011

SqlServer Management Studio 2008 standalone

It is quite difficult and confusing process to install a standalone SQL Server Management Studio 2008.
After you download the setup file, you will see, that it is a 170mb installation package and when you run the installation you will be provided with a full SQL Server Express Intaller.

So how to go on:

-> SQLServer Installation Center
-> Select: New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation
-> Setup Support Rules - OK
!!! Add features to an existing instanace of SQL Server 2008 - this would be WRONG choice !!!
-> Select: Perfom a new installation of SQL Server 2008
-> Select in the Shared Features: Management Tools - Basic

So even if you have already SQL Server Express intalled you can not add the Management Studio to the features. You have to pretend that you are installing a new copy of SQL Server!

Topic is covered on this blog

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